Monday, October 17, 2011

Let me remember

benchWhen he died, they swarmed the stores.
Memorials to him cluttered streets.
Cancer is a wicked beast, they said.
Advocates for research stood up.
On soap boxes, they begged for money,
lamented the slow progress of research.
When he died, twitter trended.
Rest in peace, visionary. We’ve lost genius, they said.
When she lived, we loved her.
Tell it like it is,
but also how it should be.
One tough cookie, with strength to move mountains.
She did it every day in her classrooms.
When she lived, she fought hard.
There was no battle she’d give up fight on.
She determined her own path,
and paved many for others who faltered.
Hers, a spirit of determination.
Those who know her closely knew
The beast wasn’t going to dowse her fire.
A single finger salute she gave it.
Cancer, you may be my death, but I live.
She demanded for no monuments,
No services on her behalf.
Shed your tears, but not for me, she said.
And when she took her last,
I see her smiling, ever the winner.
Waste no time in memoriam, nope,
Pick up those paving tools.
Fight for those who won’t defend
(that beast won’t comprehend).
Our own visionary in this place,
who saw genius where others saw disgrace,
will be remembered long past the other guy’s trend.
Her importance continues to change lives beyond her end.

{for JJ}