Friday, July 1, 2011

truth or...

They stood together holding tight hands
darkness surrounded them, shrouding his secrets
she extends him unchecked trust (whispering:
"Dare I offer my heart's confidence?")
a question asked under starless sky
a gentle squeeze was his reply

"I love you"
he told her
more with fists than soft words
kisses left in blue black etchings
his escalating adoration confirmed in each
and she, Covergirl, hides the memories
creating in foundation perfection's greatest lie

After each nightmare, returns a gentle dream
"Never again," he whispers, breath brushing
She flinches at danger's close proximity - -
too afraid to seek her freedom,
alone she cowers in unsafe home - -
forever seems a terrible burden now
and death, a lover's last gift
But she's no use for presents
"Never again" she echoes his words:
mourning truths. She dares to leave.
six words
** note: a work in progress... something's missing, incomplete...


Melissa said...

May such dares always end so well.

Anonymous said...

bravery comes in many forms.

ThePurpleFrog said...
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ayala said...

You did a great job here, nice write.

cj Schlottman said...

This is a strong and well written reminder to those of us who enjoy security and can dare to love. Thanks.