Thursday, June 9, 2011

Work reflectin'

desk chaos
Graduation is this week, Saturday.  Two days from an hour from now. I send some of my former "kids" off into the real world.  It is exciting, it is sad, it is a joyous occassion.  I hope they'll remember their time in class.  I hope I've shaped them into better people - that something I said, demanded, or did resonates with their future selves.  It matters not if they remember thesis statements, themes, or sonnets (though I think some might be surprised how often they come up in real life).  What matters at this point is that each young adult, when given his autonomy with that diploma in hand, remembers that giving one's best work, best effort, best attitude is the only way to be successful.

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Taylor said...

Here's hoping, fingers crossed!!

LOVE those wrinkly fingers!