Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hunting Photos

Long exposure
fly bymacro monday @ lisa's chaos
Apparently, my exposure was a bit too long to completely freeze this little guy sharply.  Maybe next time I'll shutter-click faster.

Shape of Success

The shape of success is a diamond... it's affixed to an oval... and it sits atop the heads of our graduates.  I've got graduation on my mind.  This year, Class of 2011, included my "kids" from the years I had four 9th grade and one 10th grade class followed by one 9th and four 10th.  Basically, this meant that many of them had a double dose of me. When you have them as newbies, they tend to sever their attachments in their upperclass years.  And yet this class, these students, were especially special.   I've never had so many hugs and gotten so many smiles - little thank yous that encourage me to keep going, keep teaching, keep pushing my students to present their very best.  Bravo, my kids, well done! And now, make me even prouder.

I went on a bug and plant safari mission this morning alongside the busy four lane road near my parents' home.  Mom and my kids walked ahead of me in search of elusive wild berries she'd seen on a dog walk some days prior.  And as I was concentrating solely on the greenery growing free a few feet from the sidewalk, the distance between my favorite trio and I quickly expanded.  I crouched close to the ground with my Macro lens ready to aim and fire off a dozen shots at the first interesting thing my eyes caught sight of. There was little danger of mortal injury or heartache (though bug bites and poisonous plants might cause a little discomfort), and yet my pulse raced and I had to react quick to even the slightest varients in the landscape to get my target. 

Purple in the green

Anyway, this plant didn't require quick reflexes or skill.  I just happened to be looking for something with intrigue, and there it was.

Hopper Smile

Nearby, and all smiles, was this half inch jumper. He didn't find me a threat and stayed atop his leaf the entire time I composed and clicked around him.
I guess I should've followed my gut and ventured to the farmer's market in search of fruit... then I'd have gotten a great shot of watermelon, apples, or strawberries.  I see the vibrant colors in my head.


Maybe next week.

Childhood Memory

retro fashion

Remember those gloves with the fingers cut out?  So cool, so hype, so rad.  I suppose they're back.  Chi separated her two tone winter gloves and is rocking a style of the too hype Eighties. And she looks good doing it.  Now, if I look at photos of me in similar style, I wonder how I ever thought I was fly. Biker shorts, tube socks, high tops, fluffed backward bangs, and color-blocked shirts (of the late 80s and early 90s) - it was totally in when I was Chi's age.  Fashion sure does run a circular path!


Danelle said...

Great shots! I love that little grasshopper.

Ashley Sisk said...

seriously??? This entire set is incredible. I especially love the first two shots.

Krista said...

Your kids are so cute. I love the grad hats. So original!

Linda R. said...

WOW!! you have some really great shot here... I love that first shot..

Taylor said...

So many wonderful pics!

Congrats to your little All Star!!

L. said...

That first shot is just incredible! But then again, all of them are pretty awesome!

Michelle said...

I love the first shot!

Valeria said...

Love your entries. The first one is amazing and childhood memory is just wonderful in colors and composition. Great work

Cedar said...

Great captures! Love the little grasshopper!

Linda Makiej said...

Beautiful macro work!!

Christina said...

Fantastic interpretations, especially the shapes!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic details in that macro of the fly!