Thursday, May 26, 2011

Purple's Last Days

the post also known as "Mom you're not cool."
whip my hair
Chi: Teachers don't know any kids' words anymore.
Mom: What? I'm very hip on the lingo.
Chi: Kids don't say "hip" anymore.  Parents don't know cool words - - that's why they say things like "hip."
chi jump
Chi, continued [referring to two shirtless men walking alongside the road that Ya said were 'naked']: "Hot" means cute.  Very cute.
Mom: They were hot and they thought they were hot.
Chi: Umm. Mom like this, "Those boys were trying to be hot, but they're not.  But he looks like he's sweating so he might be hot."
Mom: What if I said, "Yo, what's up?"
Chi: No. Really bad for kids these days.  Kids don't say it. It's old school.
Mom: And if I say, "Hi. How are you?"
Chi: Old.  Tough guys say "Hey, what's up?" Kids who don't feel like talking tough say "Hey! Whatya doin?"
Mom: Do-ing.
Chi: Do-in.  I really am teaching you. You should go in the cool word school.
Mom: I'm cool.
Chi: Not at all. You're old school 'cause no one says those "hip" words and they're like "What did she say?".
Mom: I'm cool.
Chi: No. Clothes. Not cool. Hairstyle. Not cool.  Neck accessories. Not - cool - at - all.
Mom: But I have cool shoes.  Kids love my shoes. They stop in just to see what's on my feet.
Chi: They lie.  They come by to see them, but can't say, "You are so not cool."  They don't really have the guts, so they just compliment. You're funny and weird.
Cool school
Mom: Where'd you learn your cool?
Chi: I was born with cool. It's my instinct.  Can I have a buck?
Mom: I don't have any deer, dear.
Chi [frustrated]: Money bucks.
Mom: A deer named money?
Chi: Oh - my - gawd. No one says money.


SonyaSarmiento said...

Love the photos! how cool are those purple braids?! better not let my daughter see them!

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha-- I am absolutely cracking up here because even at 27 I have similar conversations with my mom! (all in good joking nature