Sunday, May 22, 2011

Different: A Scavenger Hunt

My Passion (of the week)
Remember that juice commercial with the little girl who had a fondness for butterflies?  In an ultra cute accent she admits "I'm very passionate," and then the very next scene is a bunch of pinned up flutterers.  Uggh!
Well, I think I see why she admired the winged insects so much. And I'm afraid to admit that I'm starting to obsess... except, that in this new mini world I've discovered (100 paces outside my front door, for the most part - thank you Occassionally Technical Tuesday), I'm content with preserving the moment with my camera.
a whole new world
Not as close to my photo subjects as Thomas Shahan, but I quickly grew bored of photographing florals and capturing flowers along with their friends is like going on a mini safari.

Sound of Music
As usual, I went crazy with photos when we went to the Rennaisance Faire.  I'm still going through images and reliving the day's festivities.  This charming fellow was part of the troupe who performed while Chi danced and twirled and laughed the day away.
sound of music
I'm truly apologetic to my sorority sister who was a Rennie when I thought it totally uncool. If I ever insulted my dear sweet "Popcorn Wench," I'm forever sorry. I'd no idea what I was missing!

Inner Beauty
I thought for a little while that I might use a person for this theme... but then I seem to be doing something a little different this week with my shooting.  On one of our pass-the-time excursions while Chi was in TaeKwonDo, I happened across an interesting little weed.  It looked like a white haired stalk - something Horton might have heard a Who on.  Upon closer inspection (ie: crouch down low to the ground, attract oddly bemused onlookers, and pray that nothing attacks too close and exposed eyes or nostrils), I discovered that within the white hairs were these tiny little blossoms that were paper thin in their delicacy and absolutely beautiful in their simplicity.
wild (w/quote)

When I was in elementary school - first grade, to be exact - Dad received a mid-year transfer to Oahu, Hawaii.  If I'd been older, I'd likely have thought the move heavenly.  But as a child, I was heartbroken to have to leave my Long Island home, my school, my family, my friends.  I adjusted quickly, as all Brats seem to, and I grew to love the weather (except those rainy winter months), the scenery, and the people. 
At Mt. Vernon today, Mom and I happened upon a hibiscus tree in the Washington Upper Garden.  And I discovered, if I composed just-so, the flower took on an ethereal quality like those prevalent blooms we loved (almost as much as honeysuckles, which smelled lovely).  Oh, the bright blue sky, the fluffy white clouds, and the haze of sunshine reminded me of my time in paradise.

This little bugger fought against winds, so I had a tough time getting a sharp photo of him on the shrub he was bracing himself in... Luckily, he obliged me and perched upon a finger just long enough for me to get a better picture.
5.17 (lady fingers) wm
He sat upon Chi's finger a bit more reluctantly... and decided it was time to fly away to a safer place.
5.17 luck be a lady (WM)
A day later, Ya insisted on catching his own lady bug.  It didn't like his little hands, but loved his shirt.  Ya is convinced he was attacked.  I think he's traumatized!


Cedar said...

These are all fantastic! I love, love the inner beauty shot! Wonderful set!

Darlene said...

All great shots. Love your composition for the hibiscus. And oh what beautiful sharpness and detail of the "inner beauty" and "sharp" shots!

Meagan said...

I LOVE your inner beauty shot! Great photo's!

Pieni Lintu said...

Pretty shots!!!!

Miriam said...

Oh my, your inner beauty shot is wonderful. I love the beautiful little hands with the ladybird.

Brooke said...

these are all amazing! Magical, even! Love your set.

Stephanie said...

Great shots! I love the ladybug shots!! Your blog is so bright and happy!

Ashley Sisk said...

I love those shots of the lady bug - and the dandelion is so beautiful...inside and out!

Kimberly Gauthier said...

These are beautiful shots!!! I love the shots of the ladybug :)

Virginia said...

My favorites are those lady bug shots. They're perfect!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Great photos. I love the lady bug shots.

Bella Skye said...

Great shots! I love the ladybug ones :)

Selena @ Stoneyville said...

Beautiful photos! Lovely!!

Phoenix Peacock said...

I love each and every one of these. And I am thrilled at the idea of a mini safari

Megan said...

Wonderful photos! My favorite is the inner beauty one. Wow!

Kimberley said...

What amazing photos! Inner Beauty was just great! Imagine what we'd miss if we didn't take the time to really look! Thanks for sharing!


Jules said...

Thank you for replying to my questions! Your macro pictures are amazing, I have a 50mm that I shoot with pretty much %100 of the time, but I would love to try something of the 24-70 range, that lens seems to be pretty awesome. And I will definitely try the idea you gave me for babies :)Thank you thank you!

Sara said...

The lady bug is an awesome shot.