Monday, April 25, 2011

Ya's Easter story

At dinner tonight, Ya was eager to share with us that Jesus died.  I don't really think he knows what death is - he's not encountered it in his 2.5 years - but he does understand the magnitude and finality of someone being dead.  Jesus, whom he wanted to "see" all last week, is dead.  He's not taking it well. 

His lesson, as he retells it, is like this:
"Jesus had spikes on his head."
 "He was heavy."
"The peoples sit next to him. And he died."
The order of the first  two proclamations varied, but the last two statements were always linked. And he delivered the entire recap in hurried speech, frowning at the end for impact. 

The frown looked a lot like this:
4.24 (frown & tears)
Or, in a few repetitions, like this one (of agony and pain):

4.24 (hurt finger)
Apparently, since this is the first Bible story Ya has come home to share, it was a significant lesson.

Early Easter morning, we took a little time out to relish in the beautiful weather. There was finally real warmth, and great flickers of sunshine and shade.  Ya let me dress him in his vest and dress slacks and even willingly wore a tie.  He looked so **gasp** grown up.  Luckily for his poor Mama, the behavior was all little boy.  Or, rather, it wasn't so much lucky to have to handle the massive show of "spirit," but it was relief that he's not a big kid for several more years, yet.
4.24 (spirited)
As a concession to Ya's individuality and desire to exert control, there was no fight over the sole attire.  If we're feeding one soul, does it really matter what's on the soles?  I didn't think so... and I'm sure that years from now Ya will love seeing his fireman rainboots peeking out in his Easter photos.  Oh, and the bandage on his cheek covering an invisible owee, is likewise memorable.
4.24 (all YA)4.24 (so not cooperating)
Because, you know, he's got style.
motorcycle chil'

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Ashley Sisk said...

He definitely has style...and yeah, he died. :)