Saturday, April 23, 2011

Opening my eyes

Oh, inspire me!
Let me breathe life into my images.
Open my creative eyes
so that I can see something new -
always there
but now visible.
Clarify the blur.
I'm feeling a little stumped.
there's darkness in this pause
I've shot everything around me
at least once
most times more
(ask my babies, they'll agree)
I need this now
the ability to renew my lightchasing
to arouse my desire
to create something fresh
in this life I've been blessed with -
oh, I want this.

photographic fog
Did I mention it is National Poetry Month?  I've taken on the Poem-A-Day challenge.  And inside my little black writer's notebook (which is, at the moment, hiding from me), are poems and word links.  Though I stumbled on my sestina, I've pushed on. It's my feeble attempt at the creative. 

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Sober Julie said...

I stopped by from TRDC and what a fantastic piece. Your photography is just lovely.

Jenna said...

beautiful! and so are you :)