Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Igbo-American princess

4.24 (Mommy's amazed)
I don't need a Disney princess
to decorate my shelf
none of them can compare
to her royal wealth
her reign is supreme in my heart
with regal grace,
intrinsic poise --
a subtle sovereignty
laurel intertwines her spirit
and unmasked beauty is her face
spunky and determined
she dreams immensly big
a connoisseur of capability
with demure intelligence 
she is this mother's monarch
a real life princess just being herself. 

**Photos taken Easter Sunday 4.24.11**

A note: Chi, you don't like this dress... simply because it's pink. I thought the orange glow would appease you - -and it did, except that I'm not letting you cut off the pink layer as you've requested.  I'll let you pick the fashion next time, love, I promise.

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what a beautiful girl. love this.