Monday, March 28, 2011

{Sweet} and Macro-nificent

Chi was really, really bummed that she wasn't going on our "bug hunting" trip.  Truth is, Ya is not the most peaceful (silent) spectator at TKD practice and I've been given many a dirty look, a cruel comment, and ridiculous attacks at the hands of Master N because of my V2.5 youngster.   You'd think a man who worked with kids would be more understanding...

Anyway, Ya and I traveled a down away from the strip mall where the TKD class is held.  There's a sidewalk that lines a street where cars are always roaring past at far greater speeds than the posted 45 MPH.  We hold hands - tightly- and stay close to the grass as a precaution.  Today, the pill bugs we went searching for were hiding... They must've known we were going to disturb them.  But they didn't tell poor centipede.
centipede wm
Oh, he makes my skin crawl.  I really thought he was a worm, or I'd never have dared get quick so close (even with my macro lens and camera extended away from me).  When I saw his feelers start twitching and his legs begin to scurry him toward the dirt, his shoot was OVER.
triptych florals
I decided flowers were a little more comfortable subjects.  They don't really move, they don't scamper, and they are gorgeous up close.
macro mondaySweet Shot Day


Ashley Sisk said...

The flowers are beautiful but that worm gives me the heeby geebies.

Anonymous said...

Those are all great shots! I wish the flowers were blooming here.


Mylene said...

I never found this little creeping thing adorable until now.

You are right, flowers are more safe err comfortable subjects. They are more beautiful too.

Here is my Macro Monday

Have a blessed week!

Barb said...

Well, flowers are beautiful, and often the subject of my Macro Monday pics. But the bug is really cool.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Great shots. I can't wait to read more- I am a new follower.