Thursday, March 3, 2011

Six Word Friday: Might

I think I might be there
At the verge of something amazing
Don't have to look any farther

The sunrise shown its colors bright
It revived my energy and my spirit
My might is at fierce levels

At first, it might amaze you
– how very determined one can be –
when awakening with a bursting goal

Might I set aside for tomorrow
those nagging duties of household chores?
[Venture out for my great discovery.]

Life is calling me mighty loud
It says, "Join in the fun!
Set aside that cleaning cloth. Come!"

Something amazing is happening now, see?
I'm putting off what can wait
And I might … just be… free.

six words


ayala said...

When life is calling you must answer. Put down the cleaning cloth, it will still be there tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Yes, go!
The chores won't be going anywhere.

Melissa said...

Yes, yes! Be revived. Be free!

kate said...

amazing is worth skipping the chores!

Anonymous said...

I skipped some chores this weekend for some fun with friends. The cleaning cloth is still waiting for me - lol.

Hope you had a lovely time whatever you ended up doing! :)