Sunday, March 27, 2011

Searching for Something Good

I'm in the home stretch of the work year, and as summer time dreams move closer to awakening realities, I'm becoming a pretty lacadasical being.  I'm procrastinating [more than usual]. I've got the spring fever that works hard to stop me from springing into action. Is there a cure?

Chi says this is not a good picture for decay.  She thinks I should carve away the dandelion with its vibrant yellow petals.  The decay, she says, is only the crisp, gnarled stalks of an unrecognizable plant.  She's probably right; but I like the juxtaposition of the old and the new.  It's like nature saying "goodbye winter, hello spring."

Groups of 3
muffin top
Muffin top is usually not appealing... but for Ya, that's the only eatable part of a corn muffin (aka cupcake).  He helped himself to several of these tops discarding the bottoms on his tray for some scavenger - me or the dogs - to eliminate properly.

Oma is much better at including the kids in her dinner preparations... but sometimes, I try. Oh, and according to Chi, a photo of the soapy dishes waiting for me to attack them does not scream "kitchen."

Things that make you go hmmmm
I have a weird  fascination with caterpillars.  I don't know why.  They're pretty unattractive children just waiting for the day they can take a long teenage snooze and emerge as beautiful, winged adults.  And yet these oft-fuzzy, multi-legged crawlers catch my eye.  What will they become? A moth? A butterfly? Do they know they are going to morph into something amazing - - something worthy of envy? And I wonder, can I someday emerge from this cocoon I'm in and become something novel, too?

"Me" Time
I'm always riddled with guilt when I steal away for some me time.  I suspect that after eight years of motherhood, the concept of taking time for myself is obscurely foreign. Call it the motherhood conundrum - or the parenting paradox - to be a healthy, stable mom, I've got to find a balance between Rachelle and Mommy.  If I lose one of these people, if I deprive one of her existence, my kids will ultimately miss out. I'm choosing right now not to escape my children, who in a moment won't be.  I've opted to make me time an opulent, paradisal experience - watching my babies discover themselves from a safe voyeristic perch with my camera poised to capture the fleeting moments of our lives.  Time's never been better spent...


Ashley Sisk said...

These are incredible - not sure that I have a them all!

andrea said...

I love the picture of your decay! It really works.

Nicole said...

All of your photos are great, but I love your me time and I liked it even more after reading what you had to say. Beautiful!

Cecily R said...

Love the Me Time collage and decay. Great pictures!!

julie said...

Great interpretations! Love your decay shot & your me time - well said! :)

April said...

Fantastic photos! I'm fascinated with caterpillars, too. Okay, with bugs in general :)

Michelle said...

Love all of these! I can't choose a favorite, if I had would be the caterpillar. Have a great week!

Serline said...

I feel the same about "Me" time. God has blessed me with another child, so that I can relive motherhood. I don't wanna miss any part of it...