Saturday, February 5, 2011

Muddy Sins: a continuing saga

It's no real shocker that Ya has a sincere and powerful dislike of medicine. 

So he had to be feeling pretty darn bad when he woke up from his sleep on Tuesday screaming,
"Oww, my ear hurts me! Let's get muddy sins!"
I mean, as many times as I've said medicine can make you feel better, he's fought to the extreme to keep the medicine out of his mouth.
"That's nasty. Don't like muddy sins. No. Don't want it."
So to wake up demanding the yuck-stuff?  He was really hurting.
Tears for doctor
It follows a long weekend of the flu-like plague that infected our house (I blame PopPop, you can say Mommy should've invested in flu shots... but you'd be wrong).

A visit to Dr. G (who, no doubt got her flu shot, but insisted on wearing a mask because she was just getting over a flu), was quick.  She asked what the trouble was.  I replied he has an ear infection.  She asks what symptoms he displayed.  I said,
"Well, he said his ear hurts. Screamed it, actually. Multiple times. Then he stuck his finger in his right ear and demanded medicine."
Let's face it, my kid is clear. 

One glance in Ya's ear immediately confirmed that yes, Mommy, the right ear is infected.  His first ear infection.

So now?  Ten days of muddy sins - two doses a day of the loosely disguised bubble gum yuck antibiotic.  TWO TIMES A DAY FOR TEN DAYS.  
no muddysin
He's not complaining about the ear by day three... but the medicine?  Well... 

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