Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Swiper no swiping

Dora the Explorer has been a regular soundtrack on our daily commutes.  Chi's a bit beyond the CD and Ya's decided it's the newest hotness.  Oh, the tension!

Yesterday, I took out my remote and set the camera up on its tripod.  And then, against all good judgement, I left both unattended.

Swiper came by.  Code name: Ya.

And this is what I found on my memory card:
and then Chi moved in closer (Ya is still on the couch with the control...)
1.17.11 (118)
1.17.11 (113)
Did you notice the newest lost baby tooth?
Later, I moved the camera off of its tripod.  Ya retrieved the remote (which he'd hidden) and started up again.  Now since the camera was next to me, I allowed him to pick his shots while I composed the images (although he moved quite a few times during the 2-second delay).
1.17.11 (33)
1.17.11 (29)
1.17.11 (25)
Not bad for a 28-month-old, huh?

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Phoenix Peacock said...

hahaha I love their faces. what little hams!