Saturday, January 8, 2011

One Little Word: Reach

At the totally sweet recommendation of Karen (author of The Beauty of Different and creative force behind - and yes, I'm pretending we're quite familiar by using only her first name), I enrolled in Ali Edwards' year-long online course, One Little Word.

Ali's first month presentation included the following quote (though she didn't present it quite like this)

Confucius Says: words are the voice of the heart.
1.5.11 journal
So the word used for this endeavor has to be one that represents a goal of some sort participants hope achieve.  Karen's using the word "inspire" and Ali's using "light." What on earth could I choose to encapsulate all that dream about happening this year?

And then it hit me.


  1. to stretch out or put forth
  2. to touch or grasp
  3. to connect with
  4. to extend as far as
  5. to be extensive in influence or effect
and, finally,

   6.   to arrive at; attain


    Yes, I think reach suits me just fine.

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    Taylor said...

    Perfect word!!

    Thanks for the website info. You are too kind. I feel like I could never take pictures as good as those others tho LOL. I guess we never can if we don't try though, right?! Maybe someday...