Saturday, January 1, 2011

Memories, Dreams, and Reflections

This took a little while to assemble, because I didn't really want to reuse photos I'd taken and blogged throughout 2010...

Me! - This year, I gave reprieve to my Nikon when Mom (aka Oma) presented me with a T1i Canon as a sort of Happy 30+31 Birthday/Merry Christmas 2008-9 present.  My image of Ya was included in a collection of photographs published by Clickin' Moms.  I tried to keep my camera close, practiced no flash photography, and looked for inspiration as I redefined and refocused my photographic style.  I've made advances in PhotoShop that would make my documentary photojournalist mentors cringe, but I still crop in camera and try hard not to manipulate the integrity of my images.  I was a single shooter for a friend's wedding (yikes). It was quite a year.
I Love You - My favorite girls.
10.3 (Oma & Chi)
Still Laughing... - there are no shortage of comic moments in the MommyHOOD, and yet, at this very moment no one defining moment of total lunacy comes to mind.  Oh, except maybe Chi's "look silly" mishap at TaeKwonDo.  She'll never live that down.
10.2 (inside joke)
Winter Wonderland -  We had twins! Blizzards, that is.  And that's not counting the heavy snowfall of December 2009, either.  The only wonder of winter became when the snow would end.
1.30.10 (chair)
December 2010 has seen minimal snowfall in our area.  Just enough to sled in the street (man power pulled, of course) and to play a bit in the few inches of accumulation.
b-w sledder web
Birthday - Do you know how hard it is to eat a quickly melting ice cream scoop without getting any of the fudge sauce oozed on top of it in your mouth?  This was my "birthday treat" during my 31st birthday dinner with the family at Outback.
8.18.10 (31!)
Friends -
I Was Inspired... - I saw this amazing photo of a toddler wearing his Daddy's tie, a pair of slacks, and some sort of dress shoe.  His little chub shown, as he was shirtless.  It was stunning.  I wanted so badly to get a similar shot of my Ya, after determining that the birthday suit photo was a bit taboo.  Unfortunately, I got no where near the inspiration.  I blame Ya.  Ok, maybe it wasn't his fault - I mean, he wanted to play, the tie bothered him, and Mommy just wasn't convincing him that cooperation was a good thing.  Maybe next year...
8.27.10 (tied up)
Spring Fever - I finally made it into DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival!  If I go again, there'll be no flip flop flub bub to taint impressions of the day.
4.1.10 (spring)
Travel or Vacation - We had the awesome opportunity to use Dad/PopPop's time share at a Florida resort.  While there, we had four fabulous days in the Disney theme parks.  We saw "Finding Nemo" live in addition to riding everything and collecting autographs.  The days were long, but it was a family trip that the kids (and I) will never forget! We're venturing to Daytona in 2011, and I'm looking forward to making even better memories.
7.11 (Disney's finding nemo)
Summer Days - My fish taught herself how to swim last summer, so this year she was full of newfound independence and confidence.  And we seemed to hit the pool so often that our passes were rarely checked.
8.26.10 (relax)
A Day In My Life - No, Chi! No, Ya!
8.20 (135.)
8.20 (157.)
The kids have a thing for parks... and when they convince me to get them to one, this is how each typically spends the entire time.  Chi upside-down or contorting her body. Ya screaming at everyone (or no one).  Good times.  I wouldn't change it.
All Smiles -
6.28.10 (CHI)  
Autumn Harvest -  You're never too young to get in on the farm work!
10.10.10 (tractor)
Family -
portrait attempt #10000...
Celebrate! - Whenever we're in New York, this is reason to celebrate:
3.31.10. (castle crate)
Let's Do It Again... - Something I'd like to do more of in the coming months is exploring my surroundings.  There are so many interesting and beautiful things that I neglect to notice in my harried daily trecks.  I want time to slow down, appreciate, and enjoy the simplicities.
nature walkin #2
I Miss You - For awhile, I thought I was going to say something about one of Heaven's angels. Then I realized that I lost something else this year: my brother.  True enough, he's still living in the condo we once shared, but our relationship is drastically distant.  His life has evolved, expanded, improved.  He's madly in love with his new wife and together they are building a strong relationship.  I guess I miss being the confidante.  I miss having him at family celebrations.  I miss something I can't even grasp myself, but I know it's not there anymore...
Beautiful -
chi prayer
Dress Up -  Chi is growing up... she's got her own ideas of beauty and she's had several crushes.  Ya is trying out different shoes - deciding who he is to become.
9.10 (dressed)9.25 (inshoes)
Macro - This is about as close to macro as I can get with my lens arsenal. Perhaps someone will feel a bit generous and gift a lens to me... or, maybe, my little spare change collection will multiply itself while I sleep each night?

4.8.10 buds of ... April?

Holidays -  It'd been several years since we'd had the RAJ Family Reunion, but feeling the loss of family, several cousins of mine grew passionate about resuming the Memorial Day tradition.  Thank goodness they did.  Venturing down to the sleepy towns of Winfall and Hertford, N.C. will now be an annual trip for my kids, as it was for me growing up.

wm ya and dad
My Favorite - I'd like to think that 2010 was a great year.  In truth, it was full of challenge with very little triumph to balance it.  We spent the year in danger of losing our house.  I took on an extra job two nights a week for extra money.  Chi dealt with bullies, an absentee teacher, and exhaustion.  Ya's Dad and I split up again and we're still trying to improve our "family." Perhaps dysfunction makes me function? I have to admit, however, that when I read back through my blog, I cannot help but smile.  I appreciate the life I've been given.  I am blessed with so many things. And browsing through the thousands of photos I took this year, I know just how rich my days are.  I end 2010 with a peaceful spirit, a stronger fortitude of will, and abundant hope for our future.
card collection
Don't Ever Change - I cannot say it enough: I hope the love and affection my children have for one another lasts forever.  They truly are an example (when they're not fighting, of course).
8.24.10 (love)8.24.10 (love, too)
Just Because...So There! -
Hopes and Dreams - This year the goal is simple:
1.30. 10 (71)
I'll strive to make every day of that existance count.  I'll be doing more for Rachelle, both personally and professionally. And, of course, I'll cherish every moment living in the MommyHOOD.


Ms. Pony said...

I love your 'me' shot- very original! You took a lot of lovely portraits this year- thank you for sharing!

Carla said...

I really enjoyed this post and you take amazing pictures. I wish you well into the new year and God bless!

Ashley Sisk said...

Wow - what an incredible collection of photographs from 2010 - you are such an amazing photographer that I knew I could expect good things but seriously these are beautiful. I can't wait to see what's in store for you and your family in 2011.