Monday, December 6, 2010

Remote love

Early this year, I purchased a remote for my camera.  It was probably received right after I first used my birthday/Christmas present from my biggest supporter, my mama.  And it stayed in the original packaging lovingly tucked in my equipment bag until November.  WOW. 

When I realized that it focuses so well on whatever is closest in the foreground (and essentially blurs the background), I was in love.  Now remote and tripod are best friends.  We used them for the holiday card photo (though Ya insists he shot it and would not pose with Chi and I for more than 30 second takes before running to check the camera).

And now, I can occassionally make an appearance on TCMMR without forcing... begging... err, ummm... enlisting someone to take my picture.
self portrait 11.11.10
And that makes me smile! 
self portrait 11.11.10
And practice my Top Model fierce.
112110 - Just me
Or my grimace - - especially when, late as always, I shoot at high noon directly into the sun.

1 comment:

Colleen said...

What a beautiful shot!

I'd love to buy myself a remote one of these days, but I highly doubt it'll ever make me look that good!