Friday, December 17, 2010

Cell Phone Happy

We did it.  Oma and I finally caved in and picked up Smart phones. You know, the kind that have so many apps and thingamabobs that you feel really dumb trying to make the phone function as a... PHONE?  I mean, I had to make the sales guy show me how to make a phone call before I left the store. I forgot, however, to ask how to ANSWER a call.  Or how to keep my ears from disconnecting when in contact with the touch screen. [There's a special way to hold the thing, apparently]  And please do not expect me to use the call waiting feature - I'll hang up on someone for certain.

Uggh.  I know now that I am old.  The learning curve for technology is widening.

I spent a good number of minutes recounting the advances in mobile technology I coveted and later cherished in high school.  The pager!  Oh, I loved my little tiny gold pager with the chain that connected to my belt loop.  I enjoyed recording songs on my answer message (my favorite was the beginning of an Xscape song that had a dial tone).  I didn't even mind racing to the phone to retrieve messages or call back. My students were shocked to hear about this archaic technology.  To think about how we had to carry change for a phone call when going out (just in case) is too much.  And talking to an operator to get a digital message sent? Never!

But I digress. 

My phone is a snazzy Incredible operating on the little green martian technology called DROID.  It's 3G capable (though rarely does a satellite find that speed), and I really don't care because delays in miliseconds don't bother me.  Days, weeks, months - - that's delay I get impatient over. 

And because I had to switch to unlimited text and lost 300 shared minutes a month, I'm a texting fool.  My favorite feature?  The spellcheck is super powerful - it even corrects words it doesn't know that I've conjured. Ok, I'm lying, I hate that it fixes what isn't wrong.  I've added countless favorite Rachelle's own word creations to the phone's dictionary.

I bet, though, you wanna know why I just had to have a new phone, right?  For the 8MB camera feature, of course.
It's great to have a camera and video back up whem Canon Cam gets tired (or heavy, or accidently left behind).
I simply must be able to capture life everywhere.  I'm obsessed like that.

Oh, and the fact that I can get on my social networking sites whenever I want to and can check my e-mail at the playground or the supermarket is pretty nifty, too.

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