Monday, November 8, 2010

Orange you glad?

I didn't say banana?
orange you glad

Okay... so this was a fun one!

Ya and I (and Oma, too) were busy for no less than an hour playing and shooting together.  It was a giggle fest that will likely remain in the mommy memory bank much longer than other afternoons.

Oma and I designed quite a little "set" for the little man. Unfortunately, he refused to stand next to it and smile. 

So we began a game of peekaboo.
Only in childhood does a tiny branch become a perfect hiding spot.
Come on, you know you can't see him.

And as we played, we embellished the tree and encouraged him with chants of "Where's Ya?"
orange takes
I loved our little setting, but every shot I captured I tended to crop out the majority of it... hmmm. Perhaps I just adore a good closeup?
orange efforts
The photo I chose for the iheartfaces contest ultimately involved a basket, the leaves, and a weathered wooden platform.

Immediately after Ya bounded out of the basket, he had a request: "Now you get in, Mommy."
And to be directed to do the very same thing I've asked him to do?  Such a grown up move on his part.  For certain I felt silly trying to fit in a tiny little basket, but we laughed and Oma took pictures, and I loved it.

your turn

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Taylor said...

Awsome pics!! I just love Ya's hat.