Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Editing with Action

I took advantage of a discount for Clickin Moms members...
Yes, I'm a sucker for a sale.
Percent off?
Buy one, get one?

This time it was for My Four Hens action sets.  Admittedly, I have clicked each action at least once, then furrowed my brow in frustration as I saw that my result was nothing like the beautiful images on her site.  Initially, I simply clicked the X in PhotoShop and started over (thank goodness for the copy image feature in each action).  Now, though, I am starting to follow the directions - you know, the ones included with actions that say tweak to taste by opening the various folders?

Whoot Whoot.
brick boy

I used "Striking" in the Matchstick collection for a smooth B&W effect. Then I applied "Foundation" from the Blended set.  A little burn to the bricks, and viola! I've got an image I like better than the original.
brick boy SOOC

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