Monday, November 1, 2010

Ain't It A Shame?

It's the last day of the quarter for students.  Grades are essentially compiled, and with the exception of a few last minute assignments and make up work, nothing is being accepted.  It's too late to "fix" grades by turning in work should you be the student who suddenly discovers you've done nothing the entire nine weeks [note: I am being facetious here - - every student was provided grade updates all through the quarter]. 
And so, I've set students to their own devices today.  Overheard in their conversations were several teenage gems. Oh, I am getting old.
Here's the one that had me shaking my head:
Student A: "Hey does anyone know when Lil Wayne is gettin' outta jail?"
several "uh..."s as eyes roll up in heads in attempts to recall the artist's social calendar.
Student B: "Yeah.  The 4th [of November]."
Me: "[Student B] And when is your book report due?"
Student B: "Uh..." looks at chalk board where calendar is posted "November 18. No, 19."
Me (appalled, but not shocked at the expected reply): "Really?  You know Lil'Wayne's release but not when your four grade assignment is due?"
Student B: "Sorry, Ms. J..."
And because I need -- yes, need -- a photo in every post, here's a shot of my growing books to read pile...
books up next
...if I ever finish The Postmistress.

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