Thursday, October 7, 2010

You Capture– Faces

10.3 (conductor D)
In addition to his interest in monkey memorabilia, Ya is completely enthralled by things with wheels.  He especially loves the choo choo.  Yes, Poppy's fondness of Thomas the Train (and in train replicas) has been passed on to my son over seven years past his passing.  And though I haven't found this favorite show of my grandfather's, we have found a neat replacement in Disney's Chuggington. 

Like Poppy, Ya will rouse himself in the presunrise hours to watch his trains on the television. 

It conjures memories of the green shingled house on Penndale that my mother grew up in.  Downstairs in the kitchen, in his chair at the head of the table, Poppy would sit - clad in his grey sweatshirt and dark pants, his hair whispy and seemingly in flight on the sides (but not the top) of his head.  And because his hearing was failing (or, perhaps because he hoped to awaken the household), he'd blast Thomas the Train.  I bet it brought him back to the days of boyhood play with the hard earned train set Gran and he acquired in his youth.

Ya, too, likes his T.V. loud - - and he cries, "No choo choo go bye bye, no go off," when the Chuggington credits begin to roll.

And my Ya must have a little of Poppy's spirit in him.  I feel it. I am comforted by it. 
SUNDAY, Oct 10, 2010: Ya was offering ChooChoo rides... so I climbed over him and straddled him... I guess there was a weight requirement... he says, "Get off my back, now!" And the choochoo whistle changed to a squeak. Oh well.


Colleen said...

That is such a precious face!

Taylor said...

So cute! Taylor always says AAWWW when Miss spider's sunny patch ends LOL.

Carrie said...

He looks so serious! What a great capture!