Friday, October 15, 2010

Squirt Spurt

My resident monkey-lover seems to have been busy while he was sleeping...

Two pairs of pants today have shown that he's had a bit of a growth spurt.  Now, I love that he selected his monster socks to wear to school today (dress down Friday), but I didn't think they'd be the feature attraction of his lower half.

growth spurt
Should anyone ask, that was exactly my purpose in dressing the poor lad in these above the ankle duds.
spurt 10.15
And since he couldn't be bothered to worry about whether his pants were "high water" "Puddle jumper" "flood duds," Ya played it super cool on our tri-weekly walk down sidewalk near one of the few natural, overgrown fields remaining in this metropolizing suburb.  Oh, and seeing as how he insisted on driving his car down the aforementioned sidewalk as he crawled behind it saying "Watch out, I'm going to hit you!" the Wranglers I so loved are now knee-worn enough for a retirement anyway.
10.15 YA
Oh, and I did drag the kiddos to Wally-World this evening, where the duo commenced to creating chaos.  Somewhere between the store's entrance and the floral section (where we paused to take silly cell phone photos with a silly glasses/nose combo), Ya took off his Fall coat that I insisted he wear because of the chill in the air.  I've learned an important lesson today: never force a two-year-old to wear a coat... at some point he'll shrug it off and run around the store saying "you can't catch me."

As Ya was racing through the isles and running into carts, I couldn't help but wish I was in the sports section where testing a lasso would not have been seen as bad parenting. And in the hooplah, the coat disappeared and Mommy was too busy trying to pay and escape the public scrutiny to notice... add $20 to that outing.

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