Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Photoshoot: It's Tradition

Last year I had a bit of a dilemma; I couldn't decide on a costume for Ya.  This year, the costume was easy.  Ya wanted to be a monkey, of course.

And Chi, who settled on a homemade costume as Little Red Vampire in Hood in 2009, wanted something that could do double duty by being Renaissance Faire worthy.  We chose from several princess costumes, finally deciding on Shakespearean royalty in Juliet.

I ordered both costumes online, bargain hunting to spend less than $60 combined.  As soon as they arrived, we marched down (well, I drove) toward our creek, but opted to try for some photos on the sloping path that leads to the water.  It was getting dark quick at almost 6 p.m., so I didn't fair very well with my pictures.  The kids, though, were good sports about our session.

Now today, with only a week before Halloween, we decided to run a dress rehearsal complete with makeup.  The leaves had peaked with their fall colors and the weather was beautiful, so we invited Oma to venture with us to Occoquan Park. 

Can you say breathtaking?
new from old
At 10:30 a.m., the location was already bustling with dogs, runners, boaters, and fishers. Yet we were pretty much alone on our quest for the perfect fantasy portraits.

Ya wasn't really a willing model, but I persisted. 
He was determined to attach himself to Oma... 
or anything else he found.
He was truly a pampered monkey... Oma put him down, walk away, and turn to find him at her heels.  And finally, I got my shot!
And my amazingly, unbelievably beautiful Chi was perfection.  I got the shot on the first try.
And then I continued... Though she pretended not to want to cooperate, slowly responding to photographer-directions, she was truly performing.
and then, when the perils of wig wearing proved too great a discomfort, we decided we were done.  But I couldn't resist snapping a few more shots of my spirited first born just being herself.
{When I'm with her, I am reminded just how blessed I am that God chose me to be her mom. 
She's just that amazing without even trying to be.}

I found the perfect backdrops for the kids' costumes.  A 'balcony' wall for Chi and a 'jungle' for Ya.
halloween 2010

Then, my best friend and my treasures insisted we get a family shot.  Gotta love the timer.
Happy Halloween!

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patty said...

beautiful, shots! and adorable kids! love that middle shot of her w/o the wig! too perfect!
thanks for linking w me today!