Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ghosts of Halloween Past

The time warp begins: we venture to a long, long time ago, in the days when life was easy. It was then that I donned a costume and went trick'o'treating.  It must have been well before the family's church decided that Halloween was evil and began the alternative "Joy Night" - which for children participating was anything but!

For several years I was a blue crayon (my favorite color in the box).  The costume was made of felt and was ultra cute.  The photo, though, seems elusive.

A few years after the crayon melted (well, it's more likely that I finally grew a bit and it no longer fit), I turned my costume designer on to butterflies.  My brother, Tav, was a bat.  We repeated these homemade costumes for several years, too. 

Cute from the front (oh Mom, why did you let me wear the bright white undies?)...
And from the back - especially Tav in his brown terry cloth short set and white knee high socks.
Fast forward quite a few years.  By then, we'd added Art to the sibling mix making three Js.  And the costumes were still homemade.  Mom was a great crafter when we were young and our costumes were always the neatest creations specially requested and lovingly fullfilled.

The photo somehow stuck to something yucky and Tav is a bit blue as a result... He was a puppy, I was a cat, and Art was Superman.
Here I am again... why I didn't ask to be a brown cat, I really don't know.
But alas, the costumes from this point on are a memory I've clearly lost in the years that have passed.  Although, in looking at the photos my Mom has kept, I could easily classify some outfits I've worn to be costumes in their own right.

Oh, I was a 90s girl...
[This post inspired by the SITS girls.  I'm reveling in the past and hoping not to repeat the wardrobe (though the fun I'd love to relive!) with the SITStahs. Care to join me?] 


JDaniel4's Mom said...

You have a great collection of Halloween pictures! I love the group shots.

Stopping from SITS!

Colleen said...

Love the old pictures. Your mom did a great job with the butterfly and bat.