Friday, September 24, 2010

Overheard Snippets


Chi: Mom, you're crazy.
Mommy: Guess what? It's heriditary. Do you know what that means?
Chi: No.
Mommy:You'll be crazy, too.
Chi: Mom, come into my room.
Mommy: Why? Is something going to jump out at me?


Mommy: Please get in the cart.
Chi: I'm just...
Mommy: No. That was not an option, it was a command. The please was a courtesy. In the cart!


Chi says:" Why am I so pretty? [pause] Oh, you're pretty too, mom. And my brother is handsome."
9.10 (beauty)


Chi, after singing and gesturing the hand claps with an invisible partner: You're not young anymore, so you don't know about it. All girls do it. Except their mothers. When mothers hear it, they say "blah!"


Mommy: "Chi?"
Chi: "When you hear the beep, that means your message is done. beep..."

Chi: "Leave a message. Laura's not available right now... beep."

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