Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monkie Biznez

I know, I know, it's spelled a bit essentric.  And while I am an admittedly, notoriously bad speller, this mistake - er, um, colorful spelling was just because I wanted to be different, you know?
9.24 (44a)
So, awhile back, I introduced my love of the kiddie wrangler known as Ya's monkey.
9.20 (smoove)
It is a great safety assurance when we are taking our walks along the sidewalks near busy streets.  It's even better in a crowded store.
9.22 (backpack)
Well... Ya has decided that like his Outbreak Monkey cuddler, Monkey is a comfort at daycare.  Yes, he puts on the backpack (with its leash-tail tucked in the pocket) just to go into school every morning.  Somedays he elects to nibble on Monkey's ear while clutching its body to his chest.  It is his little piece of home, his sense of security.
9.24 (42bw)9.24 (92.)
And considering that Ya has slept in Monkey on more than one occassion (or rather, fallen asleep in Monkey because he refused to remove it at bedtime), I'm not too surprised that the little thing has become his companion.  He retrieves it when he wants to "Go outside. Lets go walk."  And really, who could say not right now or no when he's clutching his Monkey and heading toward the door?
9.24 (38.)
Monkey is Ya's preferred carry along - like a blanket with the ability to hug him and protect him.
9.24 (95bw)
Although, I must say, Ya does a pretty good job of defending himself - even when he's the aggressor and no one is in pursuit.
9.24 (98)

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