Monday, September 27, 2010

Feeling Better

For more than a week, he's looked like this: sad, suffering from a continuously running nose, a sore face from tissue swips, eyes glassy, and throat aching from coughing.
9.21 (misery)
Yes.  It's been miserable for Ya.  And try as I might to find something to end the congestion, there aren't a lot of over the counter relief medicines to be found for a 25-month-old.  I ended up with a homeopathic 100% natural medicine called Cold'n Cough 4 Kids.  It's clear, which is great because Ya spits the offending medicinal taste right back out.  He retained less than half of the teaspoon dose he was to have consumed and then when I insisted he finish it off, I got this:
"No want muddy-sins. No more muddy-sins. That's nas-eeee." 
And then he refuses to listen to Mommy's insistance.
9.21 (no!)
Oh how I love being at the age when it's no trouble at all the get a point across. 

And so, to try to kick the cough - if not the entire whatever it is he'd gotten - we resorted to good ol' Huf'n'puff treatments.  And since I let Ya take charge of [helping] put it together and turn it on, he was content to lay down for the treatment.  Well, not for the 10 minutes it takes for the entire measured dose, but long enough to open his sinus passages and lung cavity to make way for some night time breathing relief.
And because it's for him, I'm not going to fight about half a treatment.  He's feeling better.  He's active.  And the cough is nothing more than the sniffles messing around with his throat.  He's not had a fever.  After a hearty "A-men!" he's been more than willing to eat (and nurse, and eat some more).  So we're hopeful that this is the one and only back to school ailment we'll be dealt. 

It's no fun being sick. No fun at all.


Anna K. said...

Nope, it's no fun being sick. So glad that he's gotten some relief, though! Those "just starting daycare bugs" are not easy to fend off.

Taylor said...

So glad he's feeling better. I hope it's a full recovery soon.