Saturday, September 11, 2010

A difference of opinion

I was hesitant to cut Yadon's hair.  I guess I saw it as a Right of Passage into boyhood.  I wasn't prepared to let him go.

But I had to appease his Daddy - my partner in this parenting journey...  so I got it cut.
9.4 (49)9.4 (52.)
And I really liked leaving the top there, so I didn't let her touch it.  Call it character... call it personality (as if he needs more of that). 
9.4 (80.)
Now PopPop immediately determined that it still needed to be shaped, and I admit that a scissor cut probably wasn't the best way to cut his type of hair.  Or maybe, Mama just needed to train it with some routine brushing?
9.4 (111.)
But, I waited too long to fix it... and then Daddy Day came and Ya was whisked away.  And when he returned... I was shocked.
9.5 (19bw)
Apparently, Ya liked the buzz of the clippers and he got his "hairs" done.
9.5 (93bw)
Yep, Daddy did it.  Shaved it all off.
9.5 (96.)
Wow...  suddenly Ya looked like a little boy.  Older.  And I decided immediately that I hated this hairstyle.  But the baby afro, the kiddie high top, and the frizzified curls were gone, and there was nothing I could do but wait for them to grow back.
9.5 (78.)
Suddenly, he was conscious of his hair and wanted it touched, brushed, combed.  Really?  In fact, he's almost drawn to brushes and combs as though they were totally cool toys to play with.

And let's face it, he's a cool kid.
9.5 (63.)
I suppose I'll get used to the new "do."  It does suit his face, though I don't care for the same length all around. I guess I'm working with it, cause I raced out to buy him a junior wave cap to make his hair sharp.  And with or without the hair, he's still my Ya.

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Jamie Willow said...

woah. you are much more calm than I would be. I already threatened my husband his very life if he ever comes near Judah's hair with a razor. lol. and the reason I did that is because I know he wants to and will always want to...something about guys and being cheap and wanting to just do it

at least Ya turned out cute! I don't think he could possibly look bad though, he is way to cute :)