Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Great way to spend a birthday:

  1. wake up to "Happy Birthday" texts from people I love

  2. have a great breakfast at a buffet

  3. feed ducks and geese at marina (hmmm, rethink Rice Crispies cereal as water fowl food)

  4. take pictures of kids just being themselves
    8.11 (71.)

    Ya 8.11.10 8.11 (88.)

    8.11 (95.)8.11 (26.)8.11 (78.)

  5. take a portrait of Chi that I didn't have to pay for

    Chi 8.11.10

  6. actually get a great picture (taken by Chi) of one's self - and look, skinny jeans!
    Mom 8.11.10

  7. visit the library and catch one of the special programs we never remember

    8.11 (121.)

  8. convince children that baking a cake is better left until after TaeKwonDo class

  9. log onto FaceBook (addicted, oh yes) and see wall filled with friends and family greetings

  10. realize just how blessed you are to begin another year of lifeYa & Ma 8.11.10

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