Tuesday, August 10, 2010

{Sweet} Plubbbbh!

Darling Darcy is hosting Sweet Shot Tuesday today and I am loving being a part of her community.  I've been spending time these last few days going through the photos I've taken this summer.  It's amazing the personal growth I'm seeing in my images  - - and a lot of that is because I'm challenging myself to share only the best of what I can do.  This means a lot more shooting, a lot more attempted creativity, and thousands of pictures.  Poor Tetra (my external terabyte hard drive, aka my dinosaur) is going to need a sibling soon!

I'm still in the middle of blogging about my frugal mini vacation to Virginia Beach, and I think I used up all of my favorite sand-covered images on those posts... which is good, because we're still finding sand in the oddest of places almost a week after our trip!

Anyway, Sweet Shot is about a photo, so here's my favorite:
8.06 (72.)
Momma giraffe spent the entire 10 minutes we stood oogling her masticating on a single leaf.  Each time it seemed that for sure she was finally done, the leaf reappeared and so did her supersized tongue.  She was so close to those of us standing on the elevated walkway, that if she were to have spit, we'd surely have caught it all.  And Ya was almost able to pet this momma, but I convinced him that that might not be the best idea.

The new baby (calf) came to suckle a bit and while she (I think, but didn't check) did, she gave onlookers an über cute ballet pose.
8.06 (78.)

8.06 (90.)
So dainty, so sweet.


Kaye - SandwichINK for the Sandwich Generation said...

Awesome photos! I used a similar one (not one I'd taken) to help teach my grandkids that love is patient and kind and NOT rude. :) :) :) I have GOT to get to the zoo with them. :) Thanks for such a fun visit.

Anonymous said...

Hehe ! Your giraffe is very funny.

Anna K. said...

Rachelle, those pics are so neat! You have awesome eyes to have noticed the baby giraffe ballet pose...which, yes, was very sweet!

Taylor said...

I just love these animals, they are so cute and photogenic! LOVE that last pic of the ballet pose.

gnee @ Singing With Birds said...

What a talented photographer catching dancing giraffes. I adore the mother's eyelashes. Thanks for sharing such a delightful post and for your visit to my blog!