Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's all so new

We're about a week into our Tae Kwon Do lessons and Chi is learning so much.  It's tough to sit on the sidelines and watch her struggle to perfect a kick or a move - - I can't jump up and come to her aide, and I can't audibly cheer her on.  It's not easy for her like the physical (strength) aspects of gymnastics was.  I've seen her more frustrated and less confident in her first three group classes than I've seen in her seven years and nine months of life. And yet, she perseveres. After every class, as she says "Goodbye Master" and turns her attention to me, she has a bounce in her step and a smile on her beautiful face.
"Ki Hop"
I was skeptical at first about the contract.  Committing a child to any length of time in a new, untested program is risky business. And with the TKD programs, those commitments span years, not months.  I've no doubt she'll stick to it. {She does, afterall, know Mommy is paying for the school and she respects the investment.} 

Initially, she just wanted the uniform {gi} and photos of her in her different belts.  This last school year was rampant with bullies and Chi was their target most days.  With a teacher who was ill and preoccupied with her own issues, Mommy could only appeal for change, monitoring, relief and hope something was done.  As it turns out, something was: Chi just stopped talking about her tormentors. I think she thought bringing in photos of her in her gi would scare the bullies into believing she was some sort of Karate Kid wonderment. [My heart aches freshly for what she must have endured throughout her second grade year.]
Ki Hop! Roundhouse
Now that she has a few classes under her belt, she wants the satisfaction of earning new colors to adorn her waist.  She liked that she gets tested to move to a new color. Those tests are hard.  I'm confident - even if she isn't yet - that she'll be amazing.  My baby girl always is.


Taylor said...

How sad that she is being bullied! Poor thing, I hope this will help her with it. It looks like she is doing great.

Shannon said...

Bullying is a horrible problem and it saddens me that it still happens in schools :( I'm sure that TKD will help her confidence and to be able to defend herself if necessary! I can't wait to hear how she progresses! My husband really wants to start my kids in a martial arts class. Maybe soon would be better than later! You may have inspired me to get on that right away!