Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A few thinks

I started to correct my title, but it sort of seems accurate.  I'll leave it be.  Blogapalooza is quite a marathon!  This post comes in as #10 and I'm drooling over the possibilities of my day's blog book while juggling Mommy-of-two duties and trying to pull out the best photos I have from the recent past.  If you know me (nutty photographer that I am), you know I have no shortage of photos.  But the filtering process I go through before sending them to cyber scrutiny is not easy.  I love almost all of the photos I keep - - otherwise they'd never have made it off the memory card.

And now, without further rambling, here are the thinks:
  • I registered Ya for daycare yesterday at a school that begins the Abeka curriculum in their pre-preschool classes.  One of the inquiries on the Child Profile asked "Is your child gifted? How so?"
    I think it's a trick question.  What parent would say "Nope, my kid is nothing special"? And if you do answer with unchecked pride that "Yes, he's amazingly brilliant - a two-year-old prodigy," how do you describe on one line what makes him so? 
  • I was recounting a recent ordeal at a drive through window when I was reminded by my brother of the tendency of the fast food joints to take your order and your money and not have your food available.  It seems like whenever I use the drive thru and I'm in a hurry, I don't get to drive through.  Instead, I'm told to pull forward or park, and they'll "bring your order out to you."  Really?  If I wanted to wait, I'd have dined in.
  • In my cleaning efforts of the last few days, I was organizing my scrap booking supplies and making my workspace work worthy (ie: making it so I can see the table top).  I came across a few slips of paper with Chi-isms on them.  No clear dates on some of them.  Some are just scribbled on receipts (which are dated, but likely not with the date of the jotted down blurb of wisdom from my girl). 
    Here's one I liked:
    "I'm not scared of anything, 'cause I'm seven.  Seven-year-olds aren't scared.  I'm not afraid of monsters. They don't exist... but I am scared of robbers."  Guess what?  I'm 31, and I'm terrified of robbers, too."
    And another (this one has 3.4 on it, and I think it's from 2009, when she was 6):
    "Does God have a sister?  You know, the nature spirit.  God's the coolest person in the world.  I wish he controlled the whole world.  I like God even though I can't see Him.  He lives in the sky. I wish when I die I can go in the sky with Him.  Sometimes God might give you more life.  He can do that.  That used to happen in the way past - not when cave men, before them."
    And finally, one from 11.11.08 - one month to 6:
    "Cute is for babies. Pretty is for bigger kids. Beautiful is for little girls and big girls.  And wife is for girls that are married.  And husband is for mans.  Big boys my age are handsome and some people call them cool... All boys are called handsome unless [sic, used for except] the babies - they're just cute."
    6.28.10 (CHI)

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