Sunday, July 4, 2010

Parade of Noise

JULY 3: Chi and I almost missed this parade on Dale Blvd. In fact, Oma was worried when it was creeping closer to 10 a.m. and we'd not arrived to pick her up. 

Ya was on his Father-Son time, so it was the tri-gen-gal group alone again.  I'm still missing my little man on these days immensely, but I L-O-V-E my ladies and our adventures together!
7.3 (flag)
Now this parade was on the smaller scale than those we enjoyed in New York and Hawaii, but it was live and full of candy throwing surprises.
7.3 (45)
There was the mascot from our minor league baseball team.  I have no idea what he is...
7.3 (27)
One of the half dozen fire companies brought along their dalmation, Sparky, although it wasn't a canine like Oma would've liked.
7.3 (20)
And the police force was greatly represented with their horseback, motorcycle, and patrol car officers representing. 

I loved the Clydesdales - strong and powerful and beautiful.
It's weird, because every motorcycle that went by elicited a "Ya would've loved this. Too bad he's not here." comment from one of us.  Chi even insisted that I take lots of pictures to show him later.
We liked this one - - it looked like Batman's other ride.
7.3 (25)
And you have to love a coordinated biker with a shiny ride.
7.3 (23)
Meanwhile, we collected flags, candy (a bag for our missing man, too), and advertising nicknacks.
The noise was overwhelming.  Sirens and horns and music blared.
7.3 (16)
And ultimately, Chi was ready to go.
7.3 (41)

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