Friday, July 30, 2010

Black & White {not} Wednesday

So I'm late... again... but I did get an absolutely lovely B&W image to share of my soon-to-be-tween Chi.  We scored an awesome black pettiskirt from Michelle Misner Photography.  I don't know why she wanted to part with the pretty little thing, but I am happy to take it off her hands.  Chi loves it (even more than the pink and yellow tutu done - her then favorite colors).

I was excited to capture her excitement with the skirt, so I rushed Chi off to our creek for a quick photo session.
It was made even quicker than planned when Chi determined that she had to go to the bathroom immediately.  Where did that come from?  Mother Nature seemed to be on her side, as the trees rustled and then rained leaves on us while the wind swirled heavy around us and the skies darkened.  It seemed a storm was imminent and we were going to be drenched if we stayed. So we cut our picture taking, skirt twirling, giggle-inducing time short. 
She still charged me for her "modeling services," but was upset when I turned my camera on Ya.  Let's face it, I'm on a budget and she's not cheap.  Ya's at an age where he doesn't pose, he plays - and I can get him a 25 cent something from a candy dispenser and he's content.

Ultimately, Chi conceded to returning to the creek after her bathroom break, we took a few more pictures, and then the kids skipped rocks for a little while.

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Taylor said...

Great shots! The B&W is just amazing, gorgeous!!