Tuesday, July 20, 2010

As I Recall

JULY 2: This was a busy, busy day...
and Mommy kept her camera shooting all of it.

While outside, you insisted on playing with the hose.
7.2 (76)
And so I turned it on just a trickle, hoping not to waste water (or money).
7.2 (75)
And after a few moments of you adding water to the dog's already partially filled bowl, I turned off the hose's flow.
7.2 (79)
You got angry, you pleaded.
I reasoned with you, saying, "But Yadon, the bowl is full.  All done."
And you reasoned back by dumping the bowl's water out.  And so I relented and turned the water back on so you could fill Dorado's empty bowl.
7.2 (84)
And each time it got almost full again, you flipped it over. It was as if you said, "Na-ah. So there."
I suspect, my dear child, that you have *outsmarted* me.
7.2 (81)

1 comment:

Anna K. said...

Ha! That sounds like playtime with my boys...always trying to figure out how to get around Mama!

Adorable photos - I love his smile and those cheeks! ;)