Wednesday, July 28, 2010


We've hit the 100 week mark.  I almost feel like there should be a party or something.  Instead, Mommy had a photo shoot because that's just what she does.
My skeptic
7.28 sad
"Typical" - a triptych
ya 23 months
B-ball shooter
We also got our passport photos taken - not because Ya is now one month shy of two years, but because Mommy really wants to travel and this is one step toward her cruise dreams.  Ya's photo is just another tell of his every-present personality. So original.
Oh yeah, and yesterday (7.27) Chi has discovered that eating healthy is awesome.  Yes, she dined on pineapple slices, celery sticks, and mixed fruit.  Then she asked if anything she was going to eat was meat.  Her favorite selection, though, wasn't the chicken or beef kabobs.  Nope.  She liked the Bruschetta - complete with spinach leaves.
7.27. healthy

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