Saturday, June 19, 2010

Youth reTreat

Waterworks served as the host of the preteen Youth Retreat excursion.  It was a hot Saturday. 
The water, a welcome treat.
The rules, stifling.
6.19 (86)
(not so sure about the new location)
6.19 (72)
(on the blister maker)
6.19 (70)
(and another)
6.19 (97)
(a little smile from the apprehensive one)
6.19 (66)
(finding the gyser)
6.19 (45)
6.19 (34)
(torturing baby brother for a change)
6.19 (56)
(not so sure about this... so he'll pause in favor of making shadow figures)
6.19 (12)

6.19 (9)
(verdict in: I think he likes it!)
6.19 (79)
(escaping from Mama)
6.19 (77)
(okay, you're up there... now what?)

Luckily, neither of my kids realized just how much the trip pained me... they were unaware of the tension I was feeling.  It seemed like the young teens selected to lifeguard (or rather, to create and enforce rules at random) were a bit color-biased.  I'd like to believe that what I was experiencing wasn't prejudice or some such entity, but it was hard to convince myself that there wasn't just a little more freedom for the lighter patrons of the park.  I don't want my babies growing up in a world where their beautiful brown skin and soft, curly hair is detrimental to their success and happiness.  I refuse to accept that they have to.

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