Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Week in the Life: Days Four & Five

Wednesday: May 19, 2010:

Today is a blur... we barely made it out of the house. 
5.19 mornin
My stairs proved a boobie trap and Ya did what he always does - - slid down right where the most "stuff" is in order to watch it cascade down to the bottom. 
5.19 chaos
I fully admit that the staircase is not the best place to keep notebooks and folders, but if I put the stuff anywhere else, I'll never remember to snatch it and take it with me.

Work was the usual.  Students are working on projects and reading novels.  They don't like the audio books.  One student's justification for not turning the CD on? It's boring, and I don't want them to take naps, right? Right.  But I also don't like reading (and acting out) a novel two to three times a day.  It's difficult on my voice. It stops me from catching up on grading the crazy stack of papers I have on my desk.

PopPop should be in the Bahamas now... guess that means he's not watching the kids? Chi elects to snack at McD's (so healthy). We invade Oma at the dentist's office where countless fresh Florided kids drool over the smell of greasy French fries as they will the clock to jump forward thirty minutes.
At the evening job, a colleague went a little nuts.  Her tact and ability to use appropriate language went out the door.  Yes, our students are difficult and non-traditional, but we have to model better behavior than usually seen these days and we have to maintain our professionalism even when the kids don't reciprocate.  I think my mouth dropped as she went into her tirade.  Thank goodness I wasn't facing her and she couldn't see my shock.  I know trouble is coming from this episode...

Thursday: May 20, 2010:
The kids and I went to the park after we finished with work and school.

We played.
We admired nature.
I love Thursdays.  It's one of the only days we're home before 5 p.m. and we can relax, play, talk, enjoy.
Then I read the mail.
I've fallen through the Rabbit's Hole.  I drank a potion because it said "Drink Me," I shrank, and now I cannot find an anecdote to make me normal.  I tried to make it better with that "Eat Me" cookie... it didn't work either.  And it was not free.  Now the Queen is mad.  I painted her roses red, as per instructions, but she preferred them white, instead.  It's off with my head.
5.20 (34)
Yes.  I now know what hopelessness feels like. 

I have less than two weeks to get out of Wonderland.  But how?  The Mad Hatter isn't offering any advice (must be busy dealing with the Sleepy Mouse who's afraid of cats) and the elusive White Rabbit I chased (that got me into this mess) is not planning to cross my path anytime soon.  Oh and the Chesire Cat?  He's full of riddles everytime I call, but no solutions and nothing in writing.

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Taylor said...

I can't believe that teacher had a fit lol! Sounds like another really busy day. I glad you got out though.