Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{Sweet} Fish!

I breed aquatic creatures... yes, the swimless, floatless wonder has birthed not one but two water loving babies. 
How does this happen?  How does a woman who despises getting her face and hair wet in a pool end up with children who cannot live without one?
Ya is following in his sister's swimsteps - kicking, splashing, and shoving mama away in an effort to float freely and explore without restriction. 
Notice that the goggles are fogged.  He probably couldn't see anything... and yet I was smacked at when I tried to help him get them off.  He even boomed "No!" in his deepest don't mess with me I'm serious voice.
And then he kicked and twirled and splashed with glee.

Your turn!
Sorry, Ya.  I'm just here for the photos.  My Sweet Fish... for Sweet Shot Tuesday.


Susan said...

Oh wow...these were GREAT!! Your son looks adorable in those googles. Funny!

The colors are beautiful in all your pictures.

Anna K. said...

They are so cute! I love Ya's little cheeks and Chi's beautiful eyes and smile.

Both of my boys love water, too...which comes in handy at bathtimes, right?

julie said...

Adorable shots!! Those goggles!!

Runner Mom said...

Absolutely precious!! My boys are both fish and I only dog paddle!

Thanks so much for sharing these darlin' pictures!

Christi said...

These are awesome photos. I hate getting water in my face, all 4 of my kids could live in the water quite happily. I just don't understand it. LOL.

Jennifer said...

He is SO cute... those pictures are priceless!! LOL Great jumping shot! :)

Tracy said...


Kaye said...

Great shots - and looks like SO much fun! I'm looking forward to watching my grandkids play in their pool too. :)

Sheri said...

Oh my gosh,these kids are ADORABLE!!!!