Wednesday, June 30, 2010

{Sweet} Air

It's not easy to get a little one to stop and pose.  At least not with my son... Chi always hammed it up for the cam.  So I'm settling for whatever I can get when they're willing to let me shoot.

When I want to capture both kids in their natural state, I am always surprised at what they do. I probably shouldn't be at this point. My little clowns never cease until they conjure up the goofies.  And their humor is pretty infectious. 

My request was for Chi to get Ya to smile... the result was this:
6.25 chi
Then, a big dual jump:
6.28 (66)
A 'gansta' pose:
6.28 (58) clowns
A lunge booty shot:
6.28 (61)
and, I don't have any idea what this was supposed to be, but it was silly:
6.28 (60)

Ya was so focused on copying Chi, that he forgot to (or refused to) look at Mommy.
6.28 (63 jump)
Someone needs to let the dear sweet lad know that he's not supposed to be able to do this kind of jumping yet...

 I cannot imagine more fun vacation photos!

Adding a little sweetness to my week with Sweet Shot Tuesday.

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Rebekah said...

Those are adorable!