Monday, June 14, 2010


(Can you believe I spelled that right on the first try?)

About a month ago I happened across a duplicate month folder in my 2008 photo archive.  It was appropriately labeled "August," except that all the months that year were labeled numerically.  I'd never touched the folder after it was created.  Not-quite-hidden inside, however, was an absolutely priceless image of my sweet son conversing with his dad.
It was taken while we were still in the hospital on the first day someone was willing to hand me my camera from across the room on a shelf where it had been waiting for me to "get busy" capturing memories. [You see: after a c-section, with IVs all hooked up every which way and an inability to swallow the pain med pills they offer, I was a bit captive to the bed...and somehow everyone was at work the day after he was born and nurses were scarse.]

Anyway, this never-really-missing mystery folder was an absolute treasure to find because it contains some of my first real portraits of my little king.  As an I Faces rule, I can only share one photo in this post... but here are a few more never-before-posted images from 93 weeks ago when my world changed perfectly for the second time.


mommy of Five said...

love it! those moment are so precious!!

Lauren said...

What a precious shot!! I love it!!!

Pol said...

So precious!

Angie said...

this photo is priceless! I love it :) he's adorable!

Emily said...

that's stunning, what a beautiful find.

a few months after my daughter was born i found a little video i'd taken with my phone by accident (meaning to take a picture) it's one of my favorites.