Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Week In the Life

I must have been in the Bermuda Triangle of the world's internet to have never landed upon Ali Edwards' website until tonight.  I mean Ali Edwards is a scrapbook guru.  A HIGHLY acclaimed, published scrap book artist aka professional historian aka cool creative chick that I love being inspired by.  And she has a website.  One that she writes and that is routinely updated.  I'm amazed. 

Of course, I immediately bookmarked her, , and will probably blog stalk from now until I catch up on her immense conglomeration of information.

She has a new project - - new to me at least.  It's called A Week In the Life, and just as the name implies, it is a documentary project spanning 168 hours of living.  Awesome?  Daunting? Yes, it is that and then some... but it seems more likely to be accomplished than my failed efforts at Project 365 and my Alphabet Project (the latter of which I will resume efforts on this summer).

So stay tuned for my wrap up on A Week In the Life.  I think I'll start on Sunday, May 16.

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Anna K. said...

I just swung by Ali Edwards' site and it's amazing! Love the idea of the weeklong project (sounds more "doable" than other projects)and I loved all the submissions that she had posted.

Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out, Rachelle!