Monday, May 24, 2010

A Week in the Life: Day One, Part I

Sunday, May 16

I'm starting this project with great expectations.  The camera batteries are charged (and this time they're where Ya cannot get ahold of them and hide them).  The motivation is there.  The inspiration is likewise present.  And the goal is clear: to provide a glimpse into who I am right now, right here.

Today is the last day for the circus.  I know, I know, the treatment of the animal performers is of great concern.  I like clowns, I like acrobats, and I like the thrill of seeing my kids experience something for the first time.

We were ushered to our seats (upgraded from general admission for only $3).  And then we were moved.  And moved again.  It seemed that each time an usher came by, he counted the seats differently - which meant that our seats 7-9 changed with each count.

Then came the concessioners: cotton candy $5; glow lights $8-15; soda, icee or water $5; program $10.  Experience?  I'll give you a price, because priceless it was not.
The Ring Master assured us that the animals were "happy, happy" each time he announced something... and it hit me: this is the last time I'll be paying to see this show.  As much as I saw facination in Ya's face, I was uncomfortable - terribly so - with much of the performances.  The dog performers included an attitudinal terrier that tore at the mane of a pink-haired mini pony as he rode on its back.
One beautiful tiger (oh how majestic those beasts are) was limping and refused to do anything... others were so fearful of the whip hitting them even as they did what was commanded, that they hung their heads lower with each passing moment of their "performance."  The camel was subjected to people who were way too heavy to ride it. 
And the elephants should never have to lay down to show they're trained.

The athletes at this circus, however, were impressive.  Like this lady who does her entire routine balanced upside down on a stick.
These twirlers were pretty interesting, too.
I wonder if Chi will be this skilled with her own ring routine one day...

And the clowns?  Well, they weren't as funny as some I've seen, but...

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Anna K. said...

Great photos...especially when it was so dark!

I, too, always feel uncomfortable at shows like that. Always end up being the only one not laughing....