Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Monkey on my back

Actually, the monkey is on Danger's back.  And its tail is usually in my hand. 

I admit it, I'm a hypocrite.  For years I saw parents trailing their kids holding what looked like a dog leash.  It seemed inhumane.  It seemed like terrible parenting.

Chi always enjoyed a good stroller ride.  At seven, she still does - - but I am not investing in a double wide stroller for my soon to be 'tween.

And now there's Ya.  He does not like containment.  He enjoys a good romp to where ever our travels might take us.  And sometimes the speed of his little legs gets the better of this mama. 

Strangers have had to catch him.  Bags have been dropped in hot pursuit.  And the stroller (which suddenly does not do a good job belting a tot) was left empty as Danger Monkey went off to explore on his own. 

 He's run toward streets.  Through crowds of unknown people.  It just wasn't safe.

So, I became an official hypocrite.  I stopped at Wally-World.  I strolled through the baby section.  I found a monkey for Ya's back.  It has a pocket for his special lovey of the moment.  It has two security buckles that fasten around his chest and belly. And it has a very long tail that allows enough freedom for little Ya to feel uninhibited, while still being attached to the security of Mommy.

Ya doesn't mind wearing his monkey.  Sometimes he helps me hold the tail while holding my hand (I love that).  Sometimes the tail is tucked into the pocket.  And Mommy feels content knowing her precious, irreplacable little man is protected.
It's probably the best $9.95 I've ever spent on safety.

And as a bonus?  Ya now says "monkey" and correctly identifies images of it.
The details: Goldbug - 2-in-1 Monkey Child Safety Harness

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Dana @ Bungalow'56 said...

What a great idea. And yes so much safer, plus they have a feeling of independence without having to hold your hand. I had three girls, and as you know they are not as prone to bolting. I also loved your Sweetshot this week!