Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How {Sweet} It Is

It's 9:55p.m.  I've been feverishly working on my "A Week In the Life."  And the days seem to blend together with their redundancy.  It's not that I'm boring... just sort of immersed in never ending projects that I dabble in daily.  The difference with working on the project, though, is that I seem to pick different things to capture with my camera.  Yadon is grateful that he's not the focus of my lens for the week.  Chi is... well, she's quickly advancing into that scary 'tween stage that is at times fascinating and at others frustrating for this parenting party of one.
5.14 (134wm)
I took a lot of pictures of the kids this weekend playing with their bubble blower.  Ya is currently obsessed with bubbles. 
514 (82wm)
He blows them in the car, in the house, wherever he finds the battery-powered toys. I was suckered into buying two of them in the grocery store a few weeks ago (one of those "fine.  You can hold it if you stop whining" hand outs that ended up costing me an additional $16).
5.14 (101)
Chi doesn't have the same affection for the blowers.  Within minutes of getting ahold of the things, she's put it down in favor of other interests.

5.14 (77)

She especially likes the water pistol - perfect for when she wants to hit her unsuspecting brother with a stream of water.  Maybe it's payback for all those mean swats and bites he's lavished on her? 5.14 (62web)
Somehow bubble blower vs. super soaker does not seem an even match...
(photos taken 5.14.2010)

5.14 (74web)

I love sweet shots!

 It works both ways.


Anna K. said...

I love these! Chi and Ya look like they're having so much fun!

McMom said...

Great shots! I love all of them.

Rockin' C said...

LOVE them!!!

Taylor said...

These are such wonderful shots and how great that they were having so much fun too!

Life with Kaishon said...

They are so sweet. I miss those bubble blowing days. Fleeting.

Josh, Steph, The Boys and Maddie said...

oh my gosh! How fun are these!!!! Bubbles and kids are some of the best memories and you have done a fantastic job capturing them!!! :D

julie said...

You can't help but smile at these shots! Great idea with the bubbles...love it :)

Darcy @ m3b said...

*This* is what childhood is made of!