Wednesday, February 24, 2010

While you sleep

It's after 11 now and I really should be getting to bed.  I am, however, quite content to sit at my computer reminiscing over photographs of my two amazing children.  You're both sleeping right now, and the steady snoring is a soothing sound of contentment, of peace.   I need this time to reflect as life right now isn't easy and I'm very worried about what our future holds.

I cannot help but think of how very blessed I am to be Mommy to you.

Chi, you earned the Good Citizenship Award in school this quarter.  You raised your marks in science, history, reading (wowza), and art (your favorite subject).  Your teacher says you are highly imaginative and can weave a very good story together.  I'm so very proud of you... I hope you know it.

Ya, your sense of humor is building daily.  You are a comedian,  a trickster.  I am constantly amused by your imitations (like the one eye open, lay on the pillow and fake snore I get when I say it's time to go to sleep).  You must think I am the teacher from Charlie Brown/Peanuts, because we rarely get more than 2-3 words from you before you switch to "Ununahhhhanhuh" intonations and pointing for emphasis.  I so want to know what it is you are telling me, because the expressions tell me it is pretty intriguing stuff.

Hopefully some day soon things will be easier for us.  Maybe Mommy wont have to spend so much time working to save a home we rarely see. Perhaps God will make it possible for us to be more financially stable, more comfortable.  I pray it is soon.  Mommy is praying all the time.  I am hoping my stress does not become yours - that you continue to see the roses where I am pricked by thorns.  I promise you both that I'm working on it.

I cherish your sweet, vibrant spirits that fill my life with purpose, my hours with joy, and my dreams with glimpses of rainbows and pots of gold for your futures.