Thursday, February 18, 2010

He's Downright Magnetic

Chi spent Valentine's Day with the grandparents, so Ya won the exclusive photo shoot for the day.

2.14.10 magnetic man

These days he wins most of the shoots, as Chi closes her bedroom door to have privacy and to play with her toys without baby brother messing things up (or worse, Ya pretends to eat them so he can smile when we ask "What's in your mouth?" and then he opens wide to show the inedible prize).

He's taken to trying on shoes - - any shoes he sees around the house (trust, we're trying to dissuade him from heels and such without limiting his personal 'style' or imposing gender stereotypes).  And the balloon?  We picked that out for Daddy M, but Ya couldn't help playing with it all morning.

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Taylor said...

That is sooo cute!! Love the shirt too.