Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chicken little told the truth...

...the sky is falling!

I really don't know why they didn't believe the poor little chick.  Sometimes Mother Nature's grudges turn into a wrathful revenge.  This is what we get for not relishing in the mild autumn and the pleasant summer we had this past year.  This is what happens when students wear their pajamas inside out and flush ice down the toilet. They even prayed for snow.  I bet Mother Nature got a memo from God that read "Kids faithfully saying their prayers, let's hook 'em up."  And she, feeling unappreciated for the beauty of the last two seasons, has given us exactly what was asked for - - and then some.

In just a few hours, the homestead will be blanketed in more wintry precipitation.  Depending on the newscast, it'll either be snow, sleet, or a combination of the two evils.  Considering that I just finished shoveling the last stubborn sheets of ice from the driveway (my car has been captive in the garage), I'm NOT looking forward to this storm.

When I grabbed supplies for this past weekend, I neglected to check the diaper reserves.  Turned out there wasn't any.  Sunday and Monday were spent trying to convince Ya that he could predict his need to potty.  He's got the idea, but requests to sit on the throne always followed the "urge to go."  I never counted the per day use of diapers until now... as I watched the diaper count swifty drop to no more left. Desperation set in, as I know too well that Celi does not manuever well on snow-covered streets.

Luckily, PopPop is obsessed with his job as snow remover (it helps that he's been off on Code Red with the rest of us folk whose schedules are dictated by the public schools).  He was out every four hours (I am told) clearing out the driveway.  This meant that Oma - who seems to work at her pediatric dentist no matter what the weather conditions are, but was miraculously off - could free me of my diaper distress by bringing supplies.  It's a good thing, because lil' man keeps pulling the darn diapers off and leaving them around the house!

While she visited with the kiddies, Ya got a rare opportunity to play with Happy Hampster Pee Wee - the return, which he was totally tickled to do.
2.08.10 (hhpw)

I don't let HHPWtr out often because he's a bit of an escape artist. Twice he's taken exploration vacations around the house and was only discovered by the trail he left behind that I was forced to follow.  But I digress...

We're as ready as we're gonna get for this storm.  I've retired my poor metal shovel and adopted a snazzy blue beast.  I have "Blizzard Miracle" ice melt (which unfortunately looks like rock candy and has to be hidden from my tempted son, though had he ever tasted rock candy, he'd never want to purposely consume the stuff).  I have half a gallon of milk, eggs, bread, toilet paper, sandwich meat, a supersized bag of rice, and an assortment of snack items.  Daddy M added 82 diapers to the supply.  My laptop is connected to the internet so both Chi and I can be on computers at the same time (though I am mourning the loss of my delete key that I never knew was so important until it was gone).  And for the moment, I have my sanity :)

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Taylor said...

It's crazy how much snow you are getting! Hang in there.