Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I love...

I LVE it when the weather is inviting: when the sun peaks out from behind the clouds, the precipitation begins to dry up, and the blistering cold subsides as gentle wind gusts claim the spotlight. It's January, so it's not too hot (as summer would be). It's the end of a holiday weekend, so the area is virtually clear of extra folk that usually take advantage of nice days outdoors. It's the perfect opportunity for Marq to hang out with the kids and to act like a kid - if only for a moment - himself.
daddy m
The day off from work proved a great one for a rousing game of "hide and seek" - though I hardly think a fenced in playground is ideal for the hide part of the game.
dad hiding
Chi insisted that Daddy M play a game of catch, but her rules kept changing, the safety base kept moving, and she kept "breaking" for a breath whenever he got too close.
dad & chi catch

In the spirit of things, suddenly, little man deemed walking passe. Instead, he must run. It doesn't matter if anyone gives chase or if he's just on his own. Ya's pace is always fast. And this particular day, the run included a commanding "Ahhrroooar" or some such wail as he moved.
run Ya
And then, once he managed to elude Mommy's efforts to take a photo by the brick landscape wall, he decided that it would be more fun to play without his sweater on:
sweater fightsweater fight too
He was not successful in its removal, and so he moved on to try a few big kid activities - as modeled by his sister - around the park.
ya climb
And Daddy M? During the chase, he tested all the equipment himself. (We'll hear about the aches tomorrow, I am certain).
daddy climb

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